For those interested, here is a video of researchers testing the hearing capacity of Morgan and other orcas at Loro Parque. To quickly summarize, the researchers present the orcas with different sounds of various frequencies and their sensitivity (in the form of brain activiy) to the sounds is recorded. The researchers have conducted audiograms in other marine facilities as well, but few with orcas have ever been done. Opportunities such as these provide a breakthrough in understanding exactly how well orcas can hear. Watch a more in-depth explanation here.

The results of the study (conducted last week) confirm that Morgan is deaf. Researchers state that her brain activity towards the sounds is far less than that of the other orcas. For those who do not remember, Morgan was found stranded and greatly emaciated with no pod in sight. If she were to have been separated from her pod, a deaf orca would have little chance finding her family again; killer whales rely heavily on sounds. Morgan’s case is very unfortunate, but by researching her up close in the future, she may provide important information in regards to how hearing impacts cetaceans, particularly with strandings (which unfortunately, are becoming more prominant).

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    If Morgan was in good health before traversing to Loro Parque, then that means they are responsible for her ‘deafness’...
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    At Dolphinarium Harderwijck, Morgan responded well to whistles. She responded well to the calls of the orca at Loro...
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    Firstly, it just shows the lack of care Loro Parque have over their orcas when you consider they suspected Morgan was...
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